Testimonial Alex

Testimonial Alex

08 August 2022

Alex moved to Finland this week. We hope you will have a great time there, but that you will visit us often in The Hague. Thanks for the beautiful testimonial!

Testimonial Alex:
"Although I didn't know it at the time, I was in the midst of a burnout when I started training at WuDae. My progress was slow, my focus was weak and my thoughts were all over the place. Luckily I was in the right place. Bas is a patient and supportive teacher. With his help, the connection between my mind and my body became stronger. The moves I struggled with to understand finally made sense. For me, WuDae is not just about Wing Chun. It's also about accepting yourself and others, about learning how to feel comfortable in any situation. It's about a beautiful community and respect for fellow human beings."

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