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Kettlebell Training Wu Dae Wing Chun

Want to get even better at Wing Chun? Strengthen your core, improve your cardio and increase your flexibility during the Kettlebell training. In six rounds of six different exercises you develop even better body control, which in turn has benefits in everyday life and for Wing Chun.

Increase your flexibility and strength for more effective and efficient movements with the free Kettlebell training for WuDae members.

Benefits of Kettlebell training

The Kettlebell training offers you a full body workout. You strengthen your core, become more flexible and more focused in your movements and gain in strength and condition. In addition, the training improves motoric skills by strengthening the cooperation between body and mind. Regularly participate in the Kettlebell training so that you can use your body even better during your Wing Chun training.

Wing Chun and Kettlebell

After the Wing Chun training sessions on Saturday, a Kettlebell training follows. As a group we go through six rounds of six different exercises. Each exercise has ten repetitions, where you train at your own level. Because with kettlebells from 4 to 50 kilos, you decide how heavy you want to make the training.

Free trial class Wing Chun

WuDae members participate in the Kettlebell training for free. Are you not yet a member but would you like to improve your mental and physical health and are you curious about what such a training course looks like? Sign up now for a free trial class!

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    Core workout

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    Better body control

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    Increase your Flexibility

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    Improve your motor skills

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    Develop more power

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    full body workout

Class times Kettlebell Training

  • Saturday:
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