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Premium Wing Chun Gym for Self-Defence in The Hague

WuDae has been active in The Hague for the martial art Wing Chun Kung Fu for more than 20 years. We offer Wing Chun classes 6 days a week, in the morning, evening and at the weekend. You will receive professional guidance from our expert teachers in this effective self-defense.

Get to know Wing Chun in our own gym in The Hague where you train safely and relaxed in a group in a positive, friendly atmosphere. The personal attention you receive enables you to work at achieving a healthier, stronger and fitter body, at your own level of experience.

WuDae is open 6 days a week. We offer more than 20 Wing Chun classes (in the morning, evening & weekend), in our own, easily accessible gym in The Hague.

Positive Atmosphere

The instructors at WuDae share a deep passion for Wing Chun Kung Fu, and you will always experience this passion during every training. Our instructors, with more than twenty years of professional training experience in Wing Chun, have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of this fascinating martial art. This allows us to convey the intricacies of Wing Chun in an enthusiastic, lively and engaging manner. Regardless of your current level or personal goals, our teachers are committed to guiding you in learning the timeless lessons of Wing Chun.

In addition, our gym in The Hague is characterized by the positive atmosphere that prevails in every class. Our groups consist of a nice mix of interesting people, where mutual respect is central. In this motivating environment you will train to improve your Wing Chun skills, without the pressure of comparing with others. This makes it possible to learn Wing Chun in The Hague in a safe and familiar way, and entirely at your own pace and level.

More than just a martial art

When you start the martial art of Wing Chun with us, you start with the fundamental principles that have been proven to be effective. You will learn an effective, efficient and practical form of self-defense, while at the same time improving your health, strength and fitness. Wing Chun offers you the opportunity to gain complete control.

However, we see Wing Chun not only as a martial art, but also as a path to greater body awareness and strengthening of both your mental and physical strength. That's why our classes also include the exploration of various philosophies and principles that deepen your understanding and insights into this ancient art. Start Wing Chun in The Hague and discover the limitless possibilities, you will be amazed!


At WuDae you can train whenever suits you because we are open all year round, six days a week. During school holidays, classes continue in a modified class timetable. Our gym is centrally located in The Hague and is easily accessible by public transport as well as by car.


Do you also want to experience what Wing Chun training at WuDae in The Hague is like? Everybody from the age of 15 is welcome; whatever your level of experience and regardless of your level of fitness. Discover for yourself how much the unique martial art Wing Chun can do for you: click here for signing up now for a free trial class Wing Chun in The Hague.

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