The Hague Wing Chun Kung Fu Running Training

Running Training Wu Dae Wing Chun

Better cardio and endurance, that's what you train while running with WuDae. Twice a week we go as a running group into the dunes and woods of Westduinpark The Hague to make you stronger and fitter in the practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu!

Improve your cardio and focus during the free running workouts for WuDae members and gain extra speed and efficiency during your Wing Chun training.

Take advantage of our running training!

WuDae members can participate in our 3.5 km or 7 km running training for free. Twice a week we gather at our starting point on the edge of the dunes or we meet at the school. We train as a group in the hills and on flat areas, with both hard and soft surfaces. Of course there will always be people faster than others, they return at fixed points so that we can also finish the training together with a short stretch.

While running you improve your condition and endurance. You benefit from this in the Wing Chun training sessions because you can continue to move faster and more efficiently. In addition, running helps you improve your focus and produce more happiness hormones. So it will not only help you physically but also mentally to maintain balance during workouts and in everyday life.

Get stronger and fitter at Wu Dae

With Wing Chun Kung Fu, running and all other training courses we offer you work on your physical and mental health. You will become stronger, fitter and more confident. Not a member yet but curious about the benefits of this way of training? Sign up now for a free trial class!

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    Better stamina

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    Improve focus

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    Get stronger

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    More happy hormones

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    Improve your balance

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    Running in a group

Class times Running Training

  • Tuesday and Thursday:
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