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Alexandru Caludea

Alexandru Caludea

Year of birth: 1982
Profession: Freelance Photographer
Place of residence: Voorburg

Although I didn't know it at the time, I was in the midst of a burnout when I started training at WuDae. My progress was slow, my focus was weak and my thoughts were all over the place. Luckily I was in the right place. Bas is a patient and supportive teacher. With his help, the connection between my mind and my body became stronger. The moves I struggled with to understand finally made sense. For me, WuDae is not just about Wing Chun. It's also about accepting yourself and others, about learning how to feel comfortable in any situation. It's about a beautiful community and respect for fellow human beings.

Carine van Bentum Wing Chun The Hague

Carine van Bentum

Year of birth: 1977
Profession: Engineer
Place of residence: Rotterdam

I started training at WuDae after I was pulled off my bike on a dark cycle path late at night. Fortunately, that turned out well, but it did make me want to be able to defend myself better. I never thought I would enjoy martial arts so much. I have been training at WuDae for quite a few years now. This is due to the sport, nice and technical, and the atmosphere. It's very relaxed and everyone helps each other. Moreover, you are flexible in when you can take your lessons. You can visit at multiple times every day. The teachers teach in a pleasant way and can also make adjustments in case of physical problems, so that you can still follow the lesson. I enjoy training every week!

Desi Tamboer Wing Chun The Hague

Desi Tamboer

Year of birth: 1986
Profession: Nurse Anesthetist
Place of residence: The Hague

After thirty years of classical and Irish dance, it was time for a new challenge. Martial arts have always attracted me and within that I think Wing Chun is one of the most beautiful styles to see. I realized I've been living around the corner from WuDae for years, and I signed up for a trial class. Since then I come as often as possible. The flexible schedule combines perfectly with my irregular shifts. There is a lot of personal attention during the class and after every class I learned something new. The atmosphere is very friendly and safe, and after class people usually stick around for a chat. I myself notice that in my daily life I am calmer in my head and body because of the training sessions and Impact classes. I am very happy that I came to WuDae.

Harry Zomerhuis Wing Chun The Hague

Harry Zomerhuis

Year of birth: 1951
Profession: Retired
Place of residence: The Hague

You are never too old to start Wing Chun. I myself started in 2014 at the age of 63. What immediately struck me was the relaxed atmosphere, the multicultural composition and diverse physical build of those present. The classes have a clear structure which is nice. What I also really like is that you can train when it suits you, because there are classes six days a week in the morning, evening and weekend. There is no separate training for youth, beginners or advanced as with many other gyms, but here everyone helps each other. WuDae is recommended for anyone seeking Wing Chun self-defense in a safe environment, regardless of age and physical condition.

Kishen Datadin The Hague Wing Chun

Kishen Datadin

Year of birth: 1980
Profession: Project manager
Place of residence: The Hague

My love for martial arts started at a young age. I grew up with Kung Fu movies, there was a big poster of Bruce Lee in my room and I used my homemade nunchaku to recreate the fight scenes from the movies. By chance I came across WuDae through social media. Then the adventure began. What attracts me most about WuDae's Wing Chun training is that I am taken out of my comfort zone every time, because the exercises pay a lot of attention to the details. In my work, I monitor the broad outlines. Every training I take a small step further and build my Body and Mind connection. Every student develops in their own unique way. We make each other a little better every training.

Lida Cen Wing Chun Kung Fu The Hague

Lida Cen

Year of birth: 1996
Profession: Cell Therapy Technician
Place of residence: The Hague

For a long time I've wanted to learn self-defense, but for a long time I didn't have the courage to take the first step because it seemed quite intimidating to me. Since I have not practiced in any other martial arts, of course you start from scratch. Still, I'm pleasantly surprised how far I've come after a few months of training. The trainers are patient and helpful, as are the other students. You can easily pass on your wishes and the training sessions are adapted to your level. The atmosphere at WuDae is very pleasant, everyone is up for a chat and nothing feels forced. This is the main reason for me to keep training.

Norbert van Wijk

Norbert van Wijk

Year of birth: 1968
Profession: Accounts Manager
Place of residence: Leiden
It’s been two years already since I started training at WuDae and I’ve graduated to grade 4. My aim is always to attend a Wing Chun class twice a week. During these classes, you learn in a relaxed way to defend yourself, with many of the exercises based on situations you could face every day. You generally train in principle with others at the same level as yourself, but in some exercises you train with lower and higher grades intermingled. During these exercises, you notice how far you’ve come when you are paired with a more advanced pupil. What I like about training at WuDae, is that you work on your strength and condition in a relaxed manner and that you always learn something new, alongside the various repetitions. Each time I feel like going again!
Stefanie Stubbé Wing Chun Kung Fu The Hague

Stefanie Stubbé

Year of birth: 1991
Profession: Water Engineer & Economist
Place of residence: The Hague

Through the internet I came across WuDae; I was simply looking for a place to learn something new and to exercise. I had no idea that Wing Chun would help me build my inner resilience. Wing Chun for me is learning to attack and defend in one by training new reflexes. My pitfall is to be too tense. Getting softer actually makes my punches harder! A new world opens up for me and in the meantime I can just train my whole body and make new friends. The teachers are of high quality. They take into account everyone's personal wishes and levels and at the same time we laugh with each other. The classes can be followed flexibly, which ideally suits my international work. I look forward to it every week and I always feel better after a training.

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