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Wu Dae Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese style of martial arts. A martial art for self-defence where you train your body to react in a logical and intelligent way in combat situations. You learn by means of instinctive reflexes, to use your opponent’s strength to overpower them, even if this power is superior to yours.

Bruce Lee and Ip Man Wing Chun

Wing Chun was developed by a nun called Ng Mui in China, approximately 300 years ago. And named after her first student Yim Wing Chun. The style became especially well known through IP Man, also written as Yip Man. He brought Wing Chun out of “closed” China to Hong Kong. Several films have been made about, and inspired by, the life of IP Man. One of Ip Man's pupils was the legendary Bruce Lee.

Learn effective self-defence. Wing Chun is simple and direct, and provides you reflexive body control, down to the finest body coordination.


When you start at WuDae you primarily learn the basic concepts of Wing Chun, which are proven to be effective. But at WuDae you also learn that Wing Chun is more than just an effective self-defense. For example, in our Wing Chun classes you develop more body awareness, a better condition and mental & physical strength. You learn about a different breathing, philosophies and principles, but also how to defend yourself legally against an aggressor. The ultimate goal is that you learn how to defend yourself by attacking, within the five distances: kick, punch, knee/elbow, clinch, and ground. The Wing Chun classes have a fixed structure:

  • Opening greeting
  • Getting to know the Wing Chun techniques and moves: training the Wing Chun forms.
  • Warm-up: punch-pad workout.
  • Understanding the Wing Chun techniques and moves: technical training.
  • Application of the Wing Chun techniques and moves: partner drills, reflex training.
  • Condition training
  • Cooling down
  • Closing greeting

become mentally and physically stronger

Our instructors guide you, so that you will become a master of Wing Chun. Train regularly at WuDae, and you will feel that your body becomes healthier, stronger and fitter. Your concentration will improve, and you will be better able to handle stress. You will experience that you have more energy for other activities. A free trial class is the best way to get acquainted with Wing Chun. Experience it for yourself: click here and sign up direct for a free trial class Wing Chun.

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    a unique SELF-DEFENCE

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    for young and old

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    Mentally and Physically stronger

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Class times Wing Chun

  • Monday to Saturday:
    09:30 - 11:00
  • Monday to Friday:
    18:00 - 19:00
  • Monday to Friday:
    20:00 - 21:30
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