What is Wing Chun good for?

Wing Chun allows you to defend yourself in any situation. You improve your body control, fitness and concentration, strengthen your reflexes and develop a better balance between body and mind. The more often you train, the easier you will master the unique moves and the faster your confidence will grow.

Do you want to know how? Then sign up immediately for a free trial class! We welcome you to our school in The Hague, explain the basics of Wing Chun Kung Fu to you and get started right away.

Whether you are looking for a fun hobby or a sporty challenge, at WuDae we help you and you get the space & guidance to fully develop yourself!

With the free trial class you will discover what WuDae and Wing Chun can do for you. Read here what to expect during the trial class.

What is Wing Chun good for?


I have trained here for years with pleasure and results, followed by a very long period of working, studying, lounging on the couch, children and Netflix... Now I have finally picked up the thread again, and the atmosphere is still great as usual. You immediately feel accepted and part of the group, which is extremely diverse. There is a lot of respect for each other, the teachers are very accessible and professional. They master the entire Wing Chun system down to the last detail and know how to convey this well. The lessons are structured, diverse, conditionally very challenging and result-oriented. After every lesson I know and can do more than when I arrived, my self-confidence gets a boost, I feel good and I radiate that.

Bryan van der Gert
WuDae The Hague
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