What is Kung Fu good for?

Fighting style and lifestyle

Kung Fu helps you to balance your body and mind. In addition to a unique fighting style, this is also a lifestyle. Training in Wing Chun Kung Fu makes you stronger both physically and mentally. Your confidence grows as you learn to defend yourself better. In addition, the training sessions in your daily life help you to act decisively and in a balanced way and to be able to concentrate well.

Meaning Kung Fu

The literal meaning of Kung Fu is skill. During the Wing Chun trainings you practice certain skills again and again, until you have mastered them completely. You become, as it were, the master of the movements. Practice is necessary to master these movements both mentally and physically. WuDae is therefore open six days a week to help you with this whenever training is possible for you. Under the guidance of experienced teachers you train various skills, you develop yourself to an increasingly higher level and you learn how to master your skills in such a way that they are part of who you are.

Mastering skills

Kung Fu is a lifestyle. As mentioned, the skills you practice promote the connection between your body and mind. This is a continuous process of concentration and dedication. It is a sport in which strength and coordination play a major role. Not only physical strength, but also the agility of the body and the extent to which you control your body.

During the training sessions you train in the different distances. You will learn to master the five distances in Wing Chun, from kick to punch, knee/elbow, clinch and ground movements. Everyone trains at their own level. We train with respect for each other and help each other to get better along the way.

Experience the benefits of Kung Fu

Do you want to experience what Kung Fu is good for? Then sign up for a free trial class. We welcome you at our school, where you immediately step into Eastern realms, and teach you the basics of Wing Chun Kung Fu. The further you go, the more you will notice the benefits both during training and in your daily life.

Free trial class Wing Chun

From a fun hobby to unique sporting challenges, at WuDae you get the space and guidance to fully develop yourself! Read more about the free trial class here or contact us on 0703884820. We are happy to tell you more about Wing Chun Kung Fu and take the time to answer your questions.

What is Kung Fu good for?
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