Is Kung Fu and Wing Chun the same?

Kung Fu and Wing Chun

In a way you can say that Kung Fu and Wing Chun are the same. However, a better formulation would be that Wing Chun is one of the many forms of Kung Fu.

In China, Kung Fu refers to any study or practice that requires patience, energy and time to complete. The original meaning of Kung Fu can therefore refer to any discipline or skill that you have achieved through hard work and practice. Originally, this is not necessarily about practicing a martial art.

What is Kung Fu?

In the late twentieth century, the term Kung Fu was increasingly used in the Chinese community in relation to Chinese martial arts. The origin of this change can be traced back to, among other things, the misunderstandings about the term Kung Fu, which arose from the film industry during this period.

Due to the changed interpretation of the term, Kung Fu is nowadays mainly associated with martial arts that come from China. Since Wing Chun is one of the martial arts developed in China, it is often described as Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Mastery of skills

Wing Chun is a martial art with which you learn various skills to defend yourself and others and attack if necessary. During the lessons you will get acquainted with the basic principles of this style, you will learn to apply the movements in the five distances in the right way and you will gain more and more control over your body and mind.

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Is Kung Fu and Wing Chun the same?
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