Humans of Wing Chun:
Sabine Spiegelberg

Sabine Spiegelberg Wing Chun Kung Fu

Before I started Wing Chun at WuDae, I was burnt out and panicked when I was in crowded places or when I got on a plane. Signs for me to look for a sport or outlet that could help me get back into balance. This has improved so much since I started doing Wing Chun.

Sabine Spiegelberg Wing Chun Ip Man

I have more confidence in myself and feel better about myself. Still, I keep challenging myself to get better and get the most out of myself. My career and independence are important things in my life and besides that I learn with time that love has to come mainly from yourself. And that you are responsible for that yourself.

I consciously surround myself with people who genuinely love me just the way I am. At WuDae it feels like coming home to me. It's nice to train with the other members and the trainers ensure that I learn more every time and master the best techniques. I am grateful that I can practice this beautiful sport in such a nice environment.

I have always been interested in martial arts/self-defense sports. I also did kickboxing for a while and when I was near the WuDae gym a lot for my work and I saw the location, it caught my attention. I called for information and got Bas on the line. He was super friendly and I decided to do a trial lesson. What I like most about WuDae is that it is a pleasant and safe place to train. Everyone who comes to train has their own experiences and wisdom. This way we learn from each other and you have all the freedom to develop yourself.

Sabine Spiegelberg Wing Chun Certificate

When you train you are so focused on what you are doing that you don't have time to think about other things. All your concentration goes to practicing new techniques or repeating previous lessons. It's a lot of repetition and that's why I sometimes feel like I'm not making progress. But if you persevere and keep trying, you will see that you are making progress. This sport is good for your body and mind. You will become stronger physically and mentally. This is something I wish other people could also experience, as well as the welcoming family feeling. We train hard, laugh with each other and I go home with a strong and satisfied feeling after every training.

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