• Abhijeet Ramdhani

    I've been coming here for years to do sports and feel at home here you can speak in dutch and english.

  • Boukje van Gelder

    Super nice gym. I have been training Wing Chun with WuDae for over a year now and had no experience with other martial arts before that. You can schedule the training sessions very flexibly, both in terms of times and how often you want to train. The training sessions are varied and you learn a lot from the trainers, regardless of your level. You meet many different people and everyone treats each other with respect. I would say, do a trial lesson, then you can experience it yourself!

  • Daatje Vera

    At first I came to WuDae because I wanted to be stronger in my shoes. After a year I not only feel stronger, I have also learned a lot and thanks to the nice atmosphere I always enjoy coming to the lessons! It is definitely recommended!

  • Desi Tamboer

    I train here almost every day; the schedule is flexible and you can join when it suits you best. The lessons are varied with a lot of personal attention and time for learning and understanding the techniques. In addition to the Wing Chun lessons, you can choose whether you want to participate in the "impact" lesson, where you can practice everything you learn in the lessons in a safe and controlled manner in a combat situation. It's also very cozy :-)

  • Erik Wachelder

    Wing Chun is a great fun sport, both mentally relaxing and a good workout. I train more often on different days and times, just how it suits me. You are always well guided, not only by Bas, but also by the other participants. You constantly learn from each other and the atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed. I can recommend everyone to take a trial lesson!

  • Fred Schaper

    One of the best places for martial arts/mindfulness/exercise in the city. Always a friendly instructor at the place who is very adaptive at teaching at your own level. Ive been coming here for a while now, and even tho im not the best at martial arts i still enjoy it every time. For anyone who wants to train kung fu or just have a good time, this is the place to be.

  • Ioannis Athanasiadis

    One of the best martial arts schools out there. I've been practicing martial arts for several years before coming to this school and I don't think it could get any better overall. One can adjust the schedule as desired, as the school offers more than 25 hours of lessons per week. Even if there is a health problem, the course is individually adapted. Finally, and that is the most important thing, there is a pleasant euphoric atmosphere in the school even after the many exercises and bending over! I recommend it to all beginners or advanced, even for a test!

  • Jicky Lam

    I have been practicing Wing Chun at WuDae for almost a year now and I really enjoy it. Often I need more time to master the technique and attention is paid to this. There is always room to ask questions and the atmosphere is nice and informal. The lessons last 1.5 hours, so you don't have the feeling that the lesson has flown by (I often have that with lessons that last, for example, 1 hour). This makes me feel fulfilled after every lesson!

  • Lida Cen

    Now I have been training for about three months. The master and students are very patient and explain well. Open six days a week, you can go to training at any time, super!

  • Maria Novas

    I got to know Wing Chun through a friend's recommendation. I had to gain confidence in myself and release stress from an exciting job, in which there is a great imbalance between the mental exhaustion and the noise of sitting in front of a screen. Both his philosophy and his technique captivated us from the start. That has a lot to do with Bas and the diverse group of people that make up WuDae. From the first moment they welcome you and make you feel like one of them, they even help us to open up and practice more Dutch. If you live abroad and are pressed for time, it's not easy to find a space that will fit you in for the long haul. Now we can't do without our weekly training and I can say that I have gained more confidence and physical well-being. Hopefully we can train more days a week in the future, continue to grow and improve.

  • Michelle Pater

    Very good atmosphere during the training. The trainers have a lot of passion and patience and you will be guided well and personally to master the techniques. There is also a good balance between technique and condition. I always go home with a satisfied feeling! Almost every day there is the possibility to train, which makes it easy to combine with school or work.

  • Niki Struving

    There is a very cozy atmosphere. I myself am on it for self-defense, this also makes me feel a lot safer on the street. Trainers are helpful and always up for a joke. All in all, highly recommended!

  • Ralph Poth

    Great school! Very nice atmosphere.

  • Sabir Hussain

    Very nice place to train, the principles of which can also be used in daily life. To stay relaxed, for example, even under work pressure.

  • Shennon Adamus

    Wel I have training for 6 mond And I love it. Everybody there is super nice. I recommend people to try it out you my like it.

  • Václav Vrobel

    Great teachers who know their stuff able to show practically and also explain the theory behind it. You advance at speed you are comfortable with and you are treated with respect. Wing chun is incredibly complex art of self defense and this is a great place to learn it. Also the place has amazing atmosphere, when I came for my trial lesson, I had to take pictures :)

  • Adalberto Ortiz

    If you are looking to study Wing Chun, this is your place to go. The school is conveniently located near the city center, and easy to get to by train from the central station. The facilities are spacious, clean, and well-equipped. WuDae's Sifu is an amazing teacher. He has more than 25 years of experience in Wing Chun, as well as other martial arts. His teaching method is very clear, easy to understand, and effective. He is also very friendly and easy-going, which makes lessons fun and motivating. The lessons are challenging, but never overwhelming. He sets a good pace that allows you to learn something new with every session. Overall, I am more than happy with my choice. I highly recommend WuDae if you are interested in pursuing a martial art for self-defense or health purposes. Wing Chun has been very good for my physical and mental well-being, and WuDae makes it very accesible to learn.

  • Boy Zandbergen

    Which Hageneese doesn't actually know WuDae from the outside?! We've all driven past it. And finally I took the step inside. The crisis and lockdown gave me the insight to learn a self-defense/martial art and rediscover myself. The positive stories and professional appearance confirmed my choice for WuDae. The welcome reception of Bas, with tranquility and humour, creates an atmosphere of safety and trust. I immediately felt at home. Bas has gathered a great team of trainers who teach Wing Chun with him in an enthusiastic and passionate manner. This is a place where you are challenged. Wonderful to be here. Just what I need. And perfect that I can walk in 6 days a week at 3 times a day to get lessons. Only good reasons to start training at WuDae.

  • Daniel Paul Loeff

    Nice Wing Chun School on the edge of the center of The Hague! Beautiful school, long opening hours, professional teachers and a varied student base, everyone is welcome and is valued and empowered!

  • Dimitrios Iakovou

    Wudae in Den Haag is a friendly and multicultural environment to learn helpful Wing Chun skills while exercising. Not knowing what to expect when I first visited them, I was surprised to find a blend of students from almost every age, physical condition and skill. Now I know that this is possible due to the brilliantly designed lessons that allow everyone to develop their technique and skills at their own pace. The lessons consist of several distinct parts (technique, condition, etc.). I appreciate that I can practice techniques with peers of similar skill level, and that I can also interact and practice with higher skilled students in a controlled and safe environment. The school promotes that students help and guide each other during the training, under the supervision of the instructors. I enjoy the gradual buildup of technique and skills. And I find very helpful that the instructors are eager and can always explain the reasoning behind each training exercise, in a simple and rational way. I also like the fact that the lessons are available every evening during the week, and that I can attend as many times and whenever I choose. I would recommend Wudae without hesitation!

  • Finn Seiffert

    I've been training here regularly for several months now and I don't regret it for a second. I've tried several martial arts before, but it never excited or lasted me. At WuDae it was different: the teachers and other members are all very friendly and especially as a beginner you are taken care of individually and you notice your own progress very quickly. Since joining here I feel stronger and better, and despite the bad weather and the cold I still manage to drag myself to this gym because I know it will be worth it and because of the feeling you get after the training. Not being able to speak Dutch is also no problem, English is sufficient to fully participate and many non-Dutch people also participate. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a unique sport and WuDae is a great way to learn more about it.

  • Georgi Milev

    I started training Wing Chun with WuDae about four years a go as part of recovery from injury that I had. The training with WuDae helped me pas trough a lot of changes and falls in my life and broght me stronger back on my feet. Thanks to all the instructors and students.

  • Iris Nibbering

    WuDae is a place where a lot can be learned and trained with attention and openness. Great Trainers! I enjoy coming there.

  • Jim Dost

    I've been training at WuDae for over 5 years now and I'm still having as much fun as the day I started training there. There is a good balance between fun and controlled training. The structure of the lessons is clear and it is a nice environment to train.

  • Lisette van Putten

    Wudae is a special place. You get a lot of personal attention, the focus is on the learning curve of each individual and is therefore also tailored to what you need. This learning process is accelerated because you train with different levels together. You really learn a lot from that. And the atmosphere is great! I took a break for 2.5 years and only started again, but it felt like coming home.

  • Matsuy Marín

    I was right after my trial lesson. The way of teaching really appealed to me. You learn together with others, but the instructors certainly make room for your personal growth. There is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that made me feel welcome right away. I can learn at my own pace and the best thing is that there is a lot of mutual respect for each other's individual processes. I started with 1 time a week and now I go 3 times a week. The lessons offer enough challenge and I am learning to rely more and more on my own abilities. And this is partly due to the relaxing way in which the lessons are given.

  • Milan Tettero

    When I used to drive by often, I always wondered 'wow what would it be like to learn a Kung Fu form!!' Last year 2020 finally tied the knot by a good friend who happened to train there. The trial lesson and then participating in a lesson was intense but wonderful. Bas explained everything carefully and is a nice and calm person. What strengthens my positive feeling with every training is the diversity in people who come. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or have been doing it for years, you learn from each other in a relaxed and playful way every time! If you read this and still have doubts about a trial lesson... don't hesitate anymore, just experience it yourself and book a trial lesson! :)

  • Olivier Burgel

    Very cool gym to learn Wing Chun well. I started here 4 years ago and became addicted to training the body and mind. Highly recommended to go!!!

  • Randy Chen

    Never experienced such a nice gym. The lesson has a clear structure, there is a lot of personal guidance and the atmosphere is relaxed and informal, so that you can go to the teachers or other higher graders with all your questions. They are very competent and explain everything clearly and patiently, even if you ask several times. In addition, you learn something new every lesson and a lot of attention is paid to your technique. I recommend everyone to come and take a trial lesson!

  • Sarah Berends

    It won't come as a surprise, but because of Ip man and Bruce Lee, I've always had an interest in wing chun. I've tried a number of martial arts, but nothing is as satisfying as Wing Chun with Wu Dae. You train your mind and body together and with the help of your fellow students and the trainers, who know everything about the techniques and philosophy.

  • Steef van der Vet

    I also come here occasionally and classes, teachers and atmosphere are great!

  • Valentine Mairet

    I started training there almost 4 years ago and it's awesome! There is a warm and welcoming atmosphere and the staff is made up of the greatest people I know. I'm still doing wing chun there and I'm not stopping anytime soon!

  • Alexandru Caludea

    I discovered WuDae by chance and was pleasantly surprised by the teachers, the team and the atmosphere in the training room. For me, this martial arts style is a real challenge. The high level of mindfulness reconnects the body with the mind and forces me to be fully present in every movement. Often, especially after spending the day at the computer, I find my mind divided into countless thoughts. WuDae helps me to relax and reorient in an active and healthy way.

  • Bryan van der Gert

    I trained here for years with pleasure and results, followed by a very long period of working, studying, sitting on the couch, children and Netflix... Now finally picking up the thread again, and the atmosphere is still great as usual. You immediately feel accepted and part of the group, which is extremely diverse. There is a lot of respect for each other, the teachers are very accessible and professional. They master the entire Wing Chun system down to the last detail and know how to convey this well. The lessons are structured, diverse, conditionally very challenging and result-oriented. After every lesson I know and can do more than when I came in, my self-confidence gets a boost, I feel good and I radiate that. Fat!!!

  • Daniel Uosukainen

    I've been doing martial arts for a long time and two things are central to me: the right style and the right club. These converge for me at Wu Dae. Wing Chun as a style is perfect for me because it doesn't require me to be a super acrobat and because I know I can use it effectively until my old years. Nevertheless, my basic condition remains in order even though I only train once a week and when there is time, I can choose to take on further challenges at Wu Dae to improve my condition. The training program offers enough repetition with quality instructors so that you create a strong foundation and really learn something, while you can also get new things every time so it never gets boring. An important aspect of a good club is the coming together of the society, and I can also find that here. It's always nice to go to training and see new and old faces every time in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Dominique Rademaker

    A few months ago I started taking Wing Chun classes at Wu Dae. The lessons are well put together and are adapted to every level so that everyone who takes the lesson can learn new things and / or train well. There is a lot of personal attention, which makes me feel like I've learned something new or improved a skill every time. The teachers are all nice, approachable and give good directions. The schedule offers the possibility to train at different times, so you can train when it suits you best. There is also a good and cozy atmosphere where there is always room for a chat!

  • Florian Quistrebert

    Very glad I started Wing Chun a few weeks ago. The teachers are friendly and attentive, strict without being strict. Part of the course is devoted to exercises between students of different levels, which is a real plus for progression. After 1h30 lesson I feel exhausted, but strengthened. In addition, the atmosphere is great, and you meet cool people! I more than highly recommend :)

  • Guido Garufi

    I have been training in this gym for a little over 3 months now. I found a familiar and pleasant environment. The masters are very serious and professional. My life has changed for the better since practicing wudae wing chun. I invite you to take a trial lesson, because it will really change your life.

  • Jason Simmonds

    WuDae teaches with a lot of care, passion and attention, highly recommended for martial arts enthusiasts! Made friends for life here!

  • Juanita Hernandez Gonzalez

    I've been practicing wing chun kung fu here in Wu Dae for two months now, and I'm more than satisfied. The lessons are quite small, which gives me a very pleasant feeling and boosts my self-esteem. Not only do the coaches really know what they are doing and count, they also monitor everyone's needs and development. In addition, the schedule is very clear, because you can train from Monday to Saturday, in the mornings and afternoons. Soon Wu Dae became a second home!

  • Luuk Soolsma

    Great school & teacher! Recommended!

  • Merijn Hijmans

    After living without sports for a long time, I picked up Wing Chun at Wu Dae a few months ago. I usually come there once a week. This is already a big step forward for me and I notice it in my condition. There are enough teachers around for appropriate guidance at my own pace. Due to the flat structure, there are also enough fellow participants with a higher degree who can assist me if, for example, I have forgotten a form (movement exercise). Each lesson has the same structure, which gives a nice grip. The lessons are serious, combined with just the right amount of humour. After two lessons I already started to notice a significant improvement in my endurance and strength. I now notice that I have also become more confident about my abilities because I am more aware of what I can do with my body (and what I can't do yet). With this, for example, I walk more calmly on the street and I even sit more calmly in the car between city traffic. Given the unfortunate physical encounter I once had on the street, it's a welcome change in my life. I cordially invite everyone who reads this to come and take a (free!) trial lesson! See you soon :)

  • Mukhtaar Rahman

    Bas (senior teacher) is a super nice man who is characteristic of how training is done. Namely with respect, equality, fun and expertise. For me a place where I immediately felt at home. Also very nice that he thinks along with you if you have limitations, both physical / mental / religious, etc. There is room for everyone at wudae kan!

  • Penelope Rammos

    I found Wudae Den Haag while looking for a sport that might help me build up my physical strength again (after a long time of no exercise) and to build my confidence. Its been over 2 years and I am still very happy with my choice! The teachers are always open for questions and patient and respectful of any physical limitations one might have. Bonus, its a multicultural environment with very friendly people that are always willing to step in and help out if you're stuck.

  • Rhea Bogaart

    After the trial lesson it was clear: I want to train here! Learning together in a very pleasant way and making each other better. Good atmosphere and very inclusive.

  • Selwin Fredriks

    A safe learning environment for Wing Chun where you feel at home and receive good guidance.

  • Stefanie Stubbé

    Great mixture of old myths and methodologies taught in a modern and practical down-to-earth way. Lots of space for personal attention and jokes after classes. Clean and tidy place to train.

  • Willem van Haersolte

    Very good lessons and very friendly trainers, very nice!

  • Ara Farsi

    I am very secretive with Wing Chun classes. Good teachers teach different techniques, and so do I though :)) I don't remember the Dutch host, I quickly found a good friend.

  • Carine van Bentum

    Very pleasant space, no gym, but a space fully equipped for this sport. It is also very nice that you can go every day. The teachers are top notch. Wing Chun is very technical and it is all explained step by step. Because you train with your own level as well as with higher levels, you remain challenged. In case of physical limitations, they are able to adapt the lesson program to your possibilities.

  • Dannie de Vos

    As someone who has been doing Wing Chun for 5+ years, I can tell you that the structure of the lessons is well laid out, there is a nice atmosphere and that with each exercise you are clearly explained what the exercise entails and how it should be performed.

  • Donny De Wijngaert

    A very nice place to train! The teacher teaches well, with a lot of attention for everyone's own process and progress. There is also a very nice and friendly atmosphere. I like coming here!

  • Frank Baanders

    Super! I've been going for a while now and still enjoy it. Good workout, nice people (young, old, all genders, multi cultural) and the best instructions! Highly recommended if you want to move functionally

  • Harry Zomerhuis

    You are never too old to start Wing Chun. I myself started over 3 years ago at the age of 63. What immediately struck me was the relaxed atmosphere, the multicultural composition and the diverse physical build of those present. also the clear structure of the lessons. What I also really like is that you can train when it suits you, because classes are given 5 times a week in the evening. No separate youth, beginner or advanced training as at many gyms, but here everyone helps each other. Wu Dae is recommended for anyone looking for self-defense lessons in a safe environment regardless of your age and physical condition.

  • Jeroen Baale

    Actually all my life I couldn't find what could hold my interest in terms of sport. In Wing Chun, but especially in Wu Dae, I have found this. For me a perfect balance between fun but also being serious about the mental and physical. For everyone to practice! Personally, I think everyone could get something out of Wing has especially helped me recover from a Burnout.

  • Kwan Yeung Li

    As a Martial Arts enthusiast, I have trained at various clubs for many years. At Wu Dae I can say that I feel at home. The atmosphere is very good. You train Wing Chun at your own pace and are well supervised by the instructors. Recommended!

  • Maqsood Yaqub

    A positive atmosphere with mutual respect, expert wing-chun knowledge among the teachers, non-stop training program, and challenge for all levels! Good job Bas, nice to be able to train at WuDae!

  • Michael Werner

    Good structure of the lessons. Always extra attention when needed. Centrally located in The Hague and open almost every day. Nice!

  • Murat Azad

    I have been training with Wudae for a few years now. Despite my visual impairment, I can participate well in the lessons. This is due to the good guidance and the necessary adjustments during training. Furthermore, the atmosphere is pleasant and everyone treats each other with respect.

  • Pooja Jagesser

    At Wu Dae there are nice trainers, everyone is helpful and the techniques are well explained. I therefore recommend Wing Chun at Wu Dae to anyone who wants to relax and learn something new at the same time! :)

  • Robbert Roodakker

    Have been training here for years with great pleasure

  • Sergey Kopanev

    Bass finds an individual approach for everyone! This allows everyone to get the most out of it, even if they study in a group. I've tried several schools of Wing Chun - this one is the best!

  • Talisia El

    Very positive atmosphere, cheerful fellow students and very experienced instructors who match your level, you grow quickly in the sport and you develop more self-confidence. This is why I always enjoy coming here! And because of the extended opening hours, it is quite possible to combine it with growing children and a full-time job.

  • Zeynep Kurt

    Since the day I started here, I have had nothing but wonderful moments. The atmosphere, the people and the sport are great here. I feel very comfortable here and I recommend it to anyone who is still unsure about getting started. Even though they have different origins and cultures, everyone can understand and communicate with each other very well. I look forward to the day I graduate :)

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