Empower yourself and become

mentally and physically stronger

The Hague Wing Chun Kung Fu training room

Empower yourself and become mentally and physically stronger

Empower yourself and become mentally and physically stronger

Now also discover this unique martial art that is simple and effective

Professional training with a personal touch

WuDae is your gym in The Hague to learn Wing Chun. An ancient martial art that makes you mentally and physically stronger.

Driven by our passion for Wing Chun, we have been providing professional training for adults for over 20 years. This is what we are good at and what energises us. Our Wing Chun classes are accessible and challenging for everyone, regardless of whether you have experience or not.

Want to get acquainted in an accessible way? Then sign up now for a free trial class.

Many have preceded you!

Getting stronger mentally and physically

Would you also like to experience how it is to become mentally and physically stronger by getting into your power with Wing Chun? Or do you recognise yourself very well in one of the dilemmas below?

  • Stress: You find it difficult to deal with stress and break fixed patterns.
  • Control: You find it difficult to gain control or create more self-confidence and self-esteem. You want to change this, but you don't know how to make these skills your own.
  • Martial art: You would like to master a martial art, but the step to start is too big. Because you can't find an accessible gym nearby, or because you think learning this martial art will be too physically demanding or difficult for you.

Recognisable? Then take the first step now to get better, stronger and fitter. Request a free trial class Wing Chun at WuDae gym in The Hague today.

The trial class is free and without obligation.

Train in a positive and friendly atmosphere with personal guidance

"When I started, I had no idea how much Wing Chun would help me build my inner resilience. I look forward to the classes every week and find it ideal that they can be taken flexibly, so I can easily combine them with my international work." Stefanie Stubbé

Year of birth: 1991 | Profession: Water Engineer & Economist | Residence: The Hague

Discover the art of Wing Chun

Wing Chun was developed in China about 300 years ago and mainly made famous by Ip Man. He brought Wing Chun from "closed" China to Hong Kong. One of Ip Man's students was the legendary Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun is a martial art for self-defence where you train your body to react logically and smartly, it is effective and efficient. The self-defence is simple, direct and known for smart use of force.

At WuDae gym, you will initially learn mainly the basic concepts of Wing Chun, which are proven to be effective. But at WuDae, you will also learn that Wing Chun is more than just effective self-defence. For example, you develop more body awareness, better fitness and mental & physical strength. And you learn about different breathing, philosophies and principles.

Ip Man & Bruce Lee

WuDae Den Haag

We offer a free trial class for anyone who wants to get acquainted with Wing Chun.

Start Wing Chun here and feel right at home.

Reduce stress, improve concentration and get positive energy

About WuDae

WuDae in The Hague has specialised in professionally teaching Wing Chun for over two decades. Our passionate team consists of expert trainers with extensive experience and a committed group of members. Our trainers are professional with always a personal approach to teaching.

At WuDae, you train under professional guidance whenever you want. Because you may not always be able to train at set times, our gym in The Hague is open six days a week. You can also alternate between morning, evening and weekend classes if you wish!

Do you want to get fitter and feel better? Do you want to gain strength and become mentally stronger? Are you looking for a new hobby or a sporting challenge? Then experience the benefits of this ancient martial art today at Gym WuDae in The Hague.

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Taking the free trial class is of course without obligation.

Better, stronger and fitter: the benefits of WuDae

  • Tradition: A martial art from the tradition of well-known masters such as Ip Man and Bruce Lee
  • Experience: WuDae has over 20 years of experience in professional Wing Chun training in The Hague
  • Expertise: expert trainers and a committed group of members
  • Attention: Group classes with individual guidance and personal attention
  • Flexibility: Train when it suits you, we are open 6 days a week
  • Development: Trainings designed to create more body awareness, better fitness and mental & physical strength

Start taking the first step today.

Become confident and improve your body coordination

"What attracts me to WuDae's Wing Chun training is that the exercises pay a lot of attention to the details. In my work, on the contrary, I guard the big picture. Every student develops in their own unique way. As a result, we make each other a little better every training session." Kishen Datadin

Year of birth: 1980 | Profession: Project manager | Place of residence: The Hague

You're ready for the next step

Ready to take up a new sport? Mastering a martial art or self-defence? In short, are you ready to discover and continue developing yourself?

Wing Chun is more than it shows and at WuDae you will find more than you expect. Come train Wing Chun at WuDae and take up that challenge!

The first step to discover what our premium Wing Chun gym can do for you.

Train in groups with mutual respect and individual guidance from expert teachers

Start strengthening your:

Fysieke en Mentale Kracht
Concentratie en Focus


If you want to decide how much and when you take our classes, then choose unlimited. That way, you get the most out of the class schedule.

99.- per month

1x per week

Interested, but have less time? Then choose one class per week and decide when you take your weekly class.

69.- per month

We have no complex options but two crystal-clear formulas. Our membership is flexible and can be cancelled monthly, so you don't have to worry about that.

You can change your membership as often as you want.

At WuDae, you train in our own gym in The Hague. This space has been carefully designed in an authentic Eastern style and is fully dedicated to practising Wing Chun. Our gym is in a prime location. It is easily accessible and centrally located in The Hague. You train in small groups under individual supervision and with personal attention. Our professional instructors offer an experience comparable to that of a personal trainer.

Become a member? Then benefit from numerous additional advantages

  • Free WuDae t-shirt for new members
  • Multiple free classes as part of your membership, such as kettlebell, running training and Impact
  • Catch up on missed classes at a time that suits you
  • Flexible and monthly cancellable membership
  • Free coffee and tea before and after training
  • Free class choice both in the morning, evening and at weekends. With more than 25 classes spread over 6 days a week

"The flexible class schedule combines perfectly with my irregular shifts. There is a lot of personal attention during class and the atmosphere is very friendly and safe. I notice that I am calmer in my head and body because of the workouts. I am very happy that I ended up at WuDae." Desi Tamboer

Year of birth: 1986 | Profession: Nurse anaesthetist | Residence: The Hague

Frequently asked questions about WuDae

We fully understand that you may already have questions before participating in a trial class with us. Therefore, we have already collected the answers to frequently asked questions for you below.

Are classes only in Dutch or also in English?

All classes are bilingual, in Dutch and English.

What age are the classes suitable for?

Our classes are for adults and the minimum age is 15 years. The average age in our classes is around 30 years old. With us, you are never too old to start. We also certainly welcome members who have joined us at a later age, sometimes older than 70 years.

Do I have to sign up for a class?

You never have to sign up for a class. We teach more than 20 classes a week and you are always welcome.

Can I join every class: morning, evening & weekend?

We are open six days a week. You are welcome to attend classes at the times that suit you best. You can alternate between morning, evening and weekend classes as you wish. Thanks to our personal approach, you can develop at your own level.

Are there different curricula and levels in the classes?

We have different curricula from beginner to advanced. The curricula ensure that you can concentrate on your level in Wing Chun and we can intensively guide you through your development in Wing Chun. Thanks to our individual guidance, all different levels can train in the same class.

Do I have to be fit to participate in the classes?

You don't have to be fit, but most of our members notice a significant improvement in their fitness the more they exercise.

Should I be strong, agile or fast?

You don't have to be in great shape to take part in our classes, but you can get into great shape. And the advantage of our curricula and our personal approach to teaching is that you can develop mentally and physically, no matter how strong, agile or fast you are.

Are the classes physically demanding?

Whether you have poor fitness or are in top shape, our personal approach allows you to train at your own level. If necessary, we adjust the exercise for you and if you want, there is enough space to make the class more physically challenging for yourself.

Should I spar and/or is there an aggressive atmosphere?

An aggressive atmosphere has no place in our school. We train with great respect for each other in a positive, and wholesome atmosphere. If you want, there is plenty of room to challenge yourself in which your own limits will always be respected. There is no sparring in regular classes. You can opt for sparring by participating in the free Impact classes.

What different memberships are there?

We give you the opportunity to train as flexibly as possible by offering two different memberships. The membership for unlimited training is 99,- per month and for 1x per week 69,- per month.

Can I change my membership?

You can always change your membership; from 1x per week to unlimited and from unlimited to 1x per week.

Are there registration costs and/or administration costs?

There are no registration costs and/or administration costs.

Can the membership be cancelled monthly?

The membership can always be cancelled monthly with a notice period of one calendar month.

How do I learn more about WuDae and the teaching method?

Visit our school for a free and non-binding trial class. There is plenty of time for questions during and after class. We are of course happy to tell you more and are glad to take the time to answer all your questions.

Is the free trial class non-binding?

Attending a trial class is non-committal and, of course, without obligations. However, have you become enthusiastic after the trial class and do you want to become a member? Then you can register immediately. Every new member receives a free WuDae t-shirt.

Experience also the many benefits!

You will find us here

Our school is easily accessible and conveniently located centrally in The Hague at Loosduinsekade 12,
near Westeinde Hospital.

Get to know Wing Chun

We believe it is important to be able to provide everyone with the best possible experience. That's why we have a limited number of spots available each week for the trial class. Why wait?

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