Your go-to martial arts gym for
Wing Chun in The Hague

Your go-to martial arts gym for
Wing Chun in The Hague



Your go-to martial arts gym for
Wing Chun in The Hague


Become mentally and physically stronger

At WuDae, we believe that Wing Chun is more than just a martial art - it's a journey towards personal growth, mental strength, and physical excellence. For over 20 years, we've been guiding individuals in The Hague, just like you, to discover their true potential through the timeless teachings of Wing Chun.

Our experienced team of trainers is committed to helping you achieve your goals. We take pride in our personalized and safe approach to teaching. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our classes are designed to cater to every skill level.

Learn effective self-defense in our premium gym.

Boost your cardio, strength and flexibility for total control.

Strengthen your mental and physical power for resilience.

Improve body awareness and focus for optimal balance.

    Martial art

    Learn effective self-defense in our premium gym.


    Boost your cardio, strength and flexibility for total control.


    Strengthen your mental and physical power for resilience.


    Improve body awareness and focus for optimal balance.

    Our premium gym is open six days a week, allowing you to come in at your convenience. We offer flexible class times, including morning, evening, and weekend options, so you can tailor your training to fit your lifestyle. Join us today and become fitter, stronger, and better than ever before. Want to get acquainted in an accessible way? Then sign up for a free trial class.

    Many have preceded you!

    Embrace te power of Wing Chun

    Wing Chun has origins tracing back over 300 years, and gained global recognition thanks to grandmaster Ip Man. Notably, one of Ip Man's star pupils was the legendary Bruce Lee.

    Wing Chun is focused on practical self-defense, training your body to respond logically and efficiently. It's renowned for its simplicity, directness, and smart use of force. At WuDae, we start by teaching you the essential concepts of Wing Chun, which are proven to be effective.

    But we also go beyond that. Wing Chun, in our eyes, is more than self-defense - it's a way to heighten awareness of your body, and improve your mental and physical strength. In our classes, you'll also explore various philosophies and principles that enrich your understanding of this ancient martial art.

    Ip Man & Bruce Lee

    Discover this unique martial art that is simple and effective

    Better, stronger and fitter: the benefits of WuDae

    • Experience: Our instructors bring over two decades of professional Wing Chun training experience, ensuring you receive the highest quality
    • Accessible: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our classes are designed to cater to every skill level
    • Community: Be part of our thriving, supportive gym, where respect is key and you meet interesting people
    • Attention: Group classes with individual guidance and personal attention
    • Flexibility: Train when it suits you; we are open 6 days a week, including morning, evening, and weekend classes
    • Development: Trainings designed to create more body awareness, better fitness and mental & physical strength

    Experience also the many benefits!

    Start strengthening your:

    Physical and Mental Strength
    Self defense
    Concentration and Focus
    Self confidence

    A membership that suits you. Choose what works best for you!

    At WuDae, we believe in keeping things simple and flexible, just like our membership options. We offer three crystal-clear formulas to suit your preferences and schedule.

    Free trial class

    For anyone who wants to get acquainted with Wing Chun. The free trial class consists of an introduction class and one regular class of your choice.

    No obligation and free


    If you want to train as often as you like and whenever it suits you, then choose unlimited. That way, you get the most out of our class schedule.

    99.- per month

    1x per week

    Interested, but have less time? Then choose one class per week and decide when it fits into your schedule.

    69.- per month

    Our memberships are designed to be as straightforward as possible. You decide how much and when you attend our classes. Plus, our membership is flexible and the monthly cancellation policy gives you peace of mind, knowing you have the freedom to adapt your membership as needed. 
Join WuDae today and select the membership that aligns with your goals and lifestyle. We're here to support you every step of the way.

    The first step is to discover what our premium Wing Chun school can offer you.

    At WuDae, you train in our own gym in The Hague. This space has been carefully designed in an authentic Eastern style and is fully dedicated to practising Wing Chun. Our gym is in a prime location. It is easily accessible and centrally located in The Hague. You train in small groups under individual supervision and with personal attention. Our professional instructors offer an experience comparable to that of a personal trainer.

    Unlock a world of numerous membership benefits

    Become a member of WuDae now and enjoy a range of additional advantages that make the overall experience even more exclusive.

    • Free WuDae t-shirt: New members receive a complimentary WuDae t-shirt
    • Complimentary classes: Your membership includes access to various complimentary classes like kettlebell training, running sessions, and impact workouts, adding variety to your routine
    • Catch up policy: Life can get busy, but our flexible policy allows you to catch up on missed classes whenever it's convenient for you
    • Flexible membership: Our membership is monthly cancellable and you can change your membership as often as you want
    • Free coffee and tea: Enjoy complimentary coffee and tea before and after your training, so you always stay refreshed and energized
    • Wide range of classes: With over 25 classes available throughout the week, including mornings, evenings, and weekends, you can choose the schedule that suits you best. Our extensive class options are designed to fit any lifestyle
    Year of birth: 1980 | Profession: Project manager | Place of residence: The Hague

    "What attracts me to WuDae's Wing Chun training is that the exercises pay a lot of attention to the details. In my work, on the contrary, I guard the big picture. Every student develops in their own unique way. As a result, we make each other a little better every training session."

    Year of birth: 1991 | Profession: Water Engineer & Economist | Residence: The Hague

    "When I started, I had no idea how much Wing Chun would help me build my inner resilience. I look forward to the classes every week and find it ideal that they can be taken flexibly, so I can easily combine them with my international work."

    Year of birth: 1986 | Profession: Nurse anaesthetist | Residence: The Hague

    "The flexible class schedule combines perfectly with my irregular shifts. There is a lot of personal attention during class and the atmosphere is very friendly and safe. I notice that I am calmer in my head and body because of the workouts. I am very happy that I ended up at WuDae."

      Frequently asked questions about WuDae

      We fully understand that you may already have questions before participating in a trial class with us. Therefore, we have already collected the answers to frequently asked questions for you below.

      Are the classes in Dutch and English?

      All classes are bilingual, in Dutch and English.

      What age are the classes suitable for?

      Our classes are for adults, the average age in our classes is around 30 years old. You are never too old to start. We have also welcomed new members who joined us at a later age, sometimes over 70 years old.

      Can I join every class: morning, evening & weekend?

      We are open six days a week. It is not necessary to register in advance; you can attend classes whenever it suits you. Whether you want to train in the morning, in the evening or on the weekend, you will find the flexibility you are looking for with us. Our personal approach ensures that you can develop at your own pace and level.

      Are there different curricula and levels in the classes?

      We have different curricula and levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. The curricula ensure that you can concentrate on your own level and we can intensively guide you through your development. Thanks to our individual guidance, all different levels can train in the same class.

      Are the classes physically demanding?

      Whether you have poor fitness or are in top shape, our personal approach allows you to train at your own level. We train with great respect for each other in a positive, safe and wholesome atmosphere. If you want, there is plenty of room to challenge yourself in which your own limits will always be respected. There is no sparring in regular classes. You can opt for sparring by participating in the free Impact classes.

      Can I change my membership at anytime?

      Our membership is flexible and can be canceled on a monthly basis, giving you the freedom to adjust your subscription as needed, from once a week to unlimited and vice versa.

      Try it now and experience the difference for yourself!

      You will find us here

      WuDae is easily accessible and conveniently located centrally in The Hague. You will find our gym at Loosduinsekade 12, near the Westeinde Hospital.

      Claim your free class today and get to know Wing Chun

      We believe it is important to be able to provide everyone with the best possible experience. That's why we have a limited number of spots available each week for the trial class. Getting your free trial class is easy. Simply fill out the registration form below. Our friendly team is here to assist you, answer any questions you may have, and schedule your first class. Why wait?

      Registration form

      Request your free trial class here now and reserve your spot!

      After sending your request, we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your trial class!

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