Humans of Wing Chun:
Efril Calmez

Efril Calmez 1974 Schiedam Management technician

Year of birth: 1974
Profession: Management technician
Place of residence: Schiedam

Social Teddy Bear

My friends often describe me as a social teddy bear, although I don't know exactly what they mean by that. What I do know is that I want to be social and helpful.

I am a real family man. My children and grandchildren are everything to me. I am the proud parent of four children: my sons, twins, live in America; my one daughter lives in Spijkenisse and my other daughter in Almere. I live with my girlfriend and her daughter in Schiedam. I also have two grandchildren. I feel blessed to have my family, even my parents are still alive. They live in Curaçao so I don't see them often, but I try to visit them when I can.

It is my motto in life to be a good father and grandfather. A source of inspiration for my children and grandchildren, although I also learn a lot from them. I really enjoy spending time together and having conversations. Since my sons are in America for a basketball scholarship and my parents live in Curaçao, it is not a given for us that we see each other regularly. When my girlfriend and I flew to Curaçao with all the children last year and met with my parents, it was very special for me! This is really something I would like to do in the future. Spending time together is the most beautiful thing there is.

In terms of zodiac sign, I am a Cancer, which suits my social character well. Over the years I have also learned to become more assertive. I am increasingly aware of how I behave and how I respond to others. As a result, I now take a step back more often, create peace and take the time to listen carefully to the other person. If I don't do that, I notice it immediately; then emotions run high, which does not make the contact any better. I still try to take the time to let the other person finish.

Part 2 of Efril coming soon

Text and photos by: Robine Hillen

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