Humans of Wing Chun:
Claudia Harleman

Claudia Harleman 1989 The Hague Incredible Future

Year of birth: 1989
Profession: Self-employed Entrepreneur / owner: Incredible Future
Place of residence: The Hague

Get to know yourself and your talents

I have always been very interested in psychology, especially in the way people think and why we have certain thoughts. I deal with this a lot in my work and daily life.

What I find very interesting, for example, is that a certain situation, emotion or feeling is given the meaning that we as humans give to it. By being aware of this, you can also deal with the challenges that life offers in a different way.

Studying and entrepreneurship

I became a mother when I was seventeen. My son's father was not in the picture, so I raised him alone.

I was still in high school at the time. I actually wanted to study psychology after my Athenaeum. However, I did not seem to be able to combine this intensive study with a job and caring for my son. That's why I chose to study tourism management in Amsterdam, a shorter and less intensive study that matched my passion for travel. On the days that I had lectures, my son and I took the train from Leiden to Amsterdam. While I was taking classes, he stayed at the daycare center across from my school.

In addition to my son, I have also become the proud mother of a daughter. As a single mother, I noticed how difficult it can be to find a good work-life balance. I had to combine caring for my children with my work, making sure that I could pick the children up from daycare on time after work so that I could spend some time with them before they went to bed. But when my position at work became redundant, I decided to take a new direction and became self-employed. When I was twenty-two, I started a temporary employment agency, which fortunately also gave me more flexibility to be there for my children.

The continuation of the interview with Claudia will soon be available here!

Text and photos by: Robine Hillen

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