Humans of Wing Chun:
Boukje van Gelder

Boukje van Gelder 1990 The Hague Soprano & Singing Teacher

Year of birth: 1990
Profession: Soprano & Vocal Teacher
Place of residence: The Hague

A life full of music

I grew up with music. My mother is a conductor and my father a musician. In our house, as in the rest of the family, all kinds of musical instruments are played. I once started playing the cello, an instrument that I found very beautiful, but also difficult. I wasn't particularly good at it and struggled to get better. I also didn't practice enough. Still, I really wanted to go to the Conservatory.

At the age of 17 I discovered that singing was perhaps more for me. Singing gave me the opportunity to make music without using my hands.

Unfortunately, right when I finished high school, I started having voice problems. Therefore it was not an option to go straight to the conservatory. I chose to study History at Utrecht University. After obtaining my bachelor's degree, I was admitted to the conservatory in Tilburg for classical singing. As a singer, for example, I sing solo in choir projects or in a professional choir.

Learning and teaching

In addition to singing myself, I also started giving singing lessons. I really enjoyed that from the start. I have been teaching for 7 years now and now have my own space in the cultural center Het Koorenhuis in The Hague. I share this space with my boyfriend, who is a jazz pianist and teaches piano here.

Together we have Studio MusicalMente, a music school for adults. MusicalMente stands for studying with music in mind and with the thought of the music. It is a name that not everyone can always easily remember, but also a name that I still find very beautiful and appropriate in terms of message.

Our own studio gives us both a lot of freedom. We can now practice and teach whenever we want without bothering anyone else.

Part 2 of Boukje coming soon

Text and photos by: Robine Hillen

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